When Vincent Moon started his series of take away shows in 2006 the video clip format already held hands in decadence with the music industry business models. Being directly made and thought for the web, more specifically for the french website La Blogothèque, the production also used the web for finding interesting upcoming bands. Soon it became the sort of place the audience goes to find new music.

As it happens in so many digital dynamics, the website growth helped the band that it showcased to grow and vice versa. Pretty soon, as the list of take away shows grew bigger bands started to get interested too, getting relatively new bands such as Grizzly Bear, Okkervil River and Man Man to share the space with already established acts like R.E.M, Bloc Party, The Divine Comedy, The Shins and so on.

Moon´s approach is to put the artist in contact with the surroundings, walking around and playing while walking down the street, being record in one long take, without editing, without big budgets and gimmicks, just the music, the direct audience and further down the line, the web.

Recently Moon has developed his Temporary Areas project, where he travels around the world taking the aesthetics of the take away shows to different parts of the world, setting “camp” for some time and documenting local artists and people. On the 15th of November the II Brazilian Digital Culture Forum will be on his Temporary Areas São Paulo. He will be a part of  International Seminar Culturadigital.br on the debate “Creative Perspectives of the Digital Culture”. As it happens with the rest of the Forum, the event will be free for attendance and the debate will available via streaming.