The Second Edition of Brazilian Digital Culture Forum, to be held between 14 and 17 November 2010 in the Cinematheque of São Paulo, aims to bring together, as happened in 2009, the initiatives of culture and communication in the country that are connected on the social network CulturaDigital.Br

This social network has more than five thousand active members and was a pioneer in putting people together with a focus on the development of public policies for the digital times. In 2010 the network received an honorary mention on Ars Electronica, one of the most important prizes for digital art and technology in Europe.

Every project developed on the network is built on the relation between the virtual and the real world. Last year the first edition of the Forum settled the space for debate around Digital Culture in Brazil with five different focuses: art, communication, economy, infrastructure and memory.

The idea this year is to give visibility to new processes that are emerging from the network, from the different communities and groups that got together along the year. It will also be a celebration of the creative cycle on the digital culture, a subject which has been an important focus for the Brazilian ministry of culture and other institutions.

The Forum’s collaborative programme will aim to bring together representatives from several initiatives that have been the key players in the development of a new perspective on public policies for the internet, such as the Pontos de Cultura, Pontos de Midia Livre, Circuito Fora do Eixo and Metareciclagem, always  with a focus on the members of, which has an objective of being the network of the networks.

The event also has the objective of showcasing emerging artistic expressions that are blossoming on the web, observing tendencies and showing the Brazilian cultural diversity  to the audience and to the local media.

Lectures approaching current issues on the political agenda, such as the National Plan for Broadband, the new law for copyright, and the Public Internet Landmark are also planned.

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The new technologies changed culture and democracy. It is then necessary that the cultural and political actors discuss how to use these new tools in order to reach and extend the relations with people. It was with this in mind that the Brazilian Digital Culture Forum was created. It is a congregation of people from different spheres, such as the government, the market, society and the academic institutions, all brought together under  the idea of discussing ideas.

This pioneer initiative is the result of a joint effort between the Ministry of Culture, the National Network for Teaching and Researching and from social organizations. The first edition of the Forum was launched extra-officially  in June 2009 during the International Free Software Forum in Porto Alegre. By July 2009 it was then officially launched in an event for bloggers and social network specialists. Since then more then five thousand members have gathered to discuss new rules and ways to develop the Brazilian digital environment. On the user is able the create a profile, interact with different groups and post content. Join us!