Photo by James Duncan Davidson

Since 1985 Bob Stein has been on the forefront of rethinking knowledge for the digital era. He was one of the founders of the The Voyager Company, an enterprise that published CD-ROMs with an interactive approach to different subjects when this kind of media was still new and unexplored. His participation in the company lasted for more than 10 years and helped to transform it’s name into a synonym of quality.

Nowadays Stein is the director of the Institute for the Future of The Book and is still pursuing the development of means to build and share literature as defined on the project’s website: “Academic institutes arose in the age of print, which informed the structure and rhythm of their work. The Institute for the Future of the Book was born in the digital era, and so we seek to conduct our work in ways appropriate to the emerging modes of communication and rhythms of the networked world”.

It is to share his experience with different mediums and discuss what lays ahead in the process that Stein will join the II Brazilian Digital Culture Forum. Ipad, Kindle, apps, networking and sharing the reading experience should be some of the themes approached during his participation.

The event will be free for attendance and broadcasted on the web. Further details and programme will be published on this blog.

For more info on Stein’s ideas keep an eye on the institute’s blog or read this interview.