Dialogue and conflict. Dialogue is conflict. Democracy. New technologies and not so new visions. The impact on regulation, legislation, management, politics. Slow processing of a quick reality. What is yet to come? What do we want to build? Brazil is a pioneer country in terms of looking at the internet as a free territory. Will the State continue to be the tool used to deepen this idea? Or is the State going to criminalize the movement? The movements. Networked articulations, transitory or definitive, horizontal and plural. Dialogue and Conflict. Direct Democracy.

This space, with around forty seats, will host the most current debates regarding the national and international scenery. Discussions proposed by the civil society and the government will take place here. A greek amphitheatre that will host only the voices of the (un)happy. All of it broadcasted live.

15th of November

10h–13h: Governing the Internet
14h–17h: Sharing and the author’s payment on the digital context
17h30–20H30: Music Festivals and Digital Culture

16th of November

10h–13h: Lan House
14h–18h: Civil Rights Regulatory Framework for the Internet in Brazil and Cyber crimes
18h30–21h: Freedom of Speech on the digital context

17th of November

15h–18h: Broadband and Digital Culture