A culture made from networks articulated using the technologies of their time. The contemporary culture doesn’t like rigid hierarchies or vertical control. It’s not top to bottom. It’s bottom up. From the basis to the centre. From the peripheries to peripheries. From one place to everywhere. From everywhere to everywhere. From everyone to everyone. Decentralization. Free architecture and protocols. Conversation. Meetings that make virtual articulations stronger. May the different networks meet in one place.

This circus tent, with around a hundred seats, will be occupied by meetings of different networks that are articulated through the social network Culturadigital.br. The activities will be developed by their proponents and open to the public.

15th of November

10h–13h: Newscamp (journalism and collaboration)
André Deak (Casa da Cultura Digital), Ceila Santos (Desabafo de Mãe), Antônio Martins (Ciranda da Informação Independente), Sérgio Gomes (Projetos Especiais Oboré)

14h–18h: Redelabs (meeting about experimental digital culture)
Felipe Fonseca (RedeLabs), Marcos Garcia (Medialab-Prado), Tapio Makela (Translocal.net), Ricardo Brazileiro, Lucas Bambozzi

18h30–21h: Meeting of Free Servers
Leo Germani (HackLab), Lincoln de Sousa (Minc), Billy Blay Costa (ITeia), Fabianne Balvedi (Estúdio Livre)

16ht of November

10h-13h PCult: meeting of the Culture Party
Talles Lopes (Abrafin), Pablo Capilé (Circuito Fora do Eixo), Claudio Prado (Casa da Cultura Digital), Rodrigo Savazoni (Casa da Cultura Digital), Felipe Altenfelder (Massa Coletiva), Georgia Nicolau (Produçãocultural.Org.Br)

14h-18h Newscamp (Collaborative Journalism: past, present and future)
Ana Brambilla (Terra), Rafael Sbarai (Veja), Diego Casaes (Global Voices)

18h30-21h Educating in the Digital Culture
Jader Gama (Puraqué), Paulo Lima (Saúde e Alegria), Grupo de Estudos Educar na Cultura Digital, Bianca Santanna (REA)

17th of November

9h–11h: REA Camp

13h-15h – Circuito Fora do Eixo
Pablo Capilé, Talles Lopes, Daniele Lima, Caio Marques Mota, Leonardo Palma

15h–18h: Meeting of Casas Associadas