The internet is a space where information flows back and forward, being freely assimilated and the returned in a different shape and context. The culture of remix is something that speaks directly with the theories of post-modernism, but also goes beyond it. Eduardo Navas is in an expert in remix and will be joining the II Brazilian Digital Culture Forum on the debate “Digital Culture beyond the internet: Remix and Transmedia”, which is aligned to the third axis (Symbolic Dimension: Transmedia) of the themes approached by the event.

Navas is a researcher that maintains the website Remix Theory, a repository of his findings and also an important source for other researchers and remixers. Exploring subjects such as Design, Architecture, Music, Gaming, Politics and video Navas shows how all these areas are interconnected and how the web blurs the borders between them.

As he explains, the website “does not focus on the latest information, but on relevant material to the history of Remix, some which may have been published years ago” which helps to give an historical and theoretical background to the concept of remixing, showing that the terms goes way beyond than the usual connections made with music.

Besides his experience with the website Navas is also a teacher and academic researcher with a PhD in Art History, Theory and Criticism from the University of California, San Diego, and has also coordinated art galleries, participated in jurys for art prizes and is regularly giving lectures at universities and colleges such as the Otis College of Art And Design, San Diego State University and Pennsylvania State University.

The event will be free for attendance and broadcasted on the web. Further details and programme will be published on this blog.

More info on Navas here, where it´s possible to read some os his work, reviews, presentations and works such as “Diary of a Star” (pictured above) which is a weblog based on Andy Warhol´s diary, and “The Quixote” a hypertexted and interactive reinterpretation of Jorge Luis Borges´“Pierre Menard: autor del Quijote.”