John Perry Barlow and Gilberto Gil, who will open the II Brazilian Digital Culture Forum on the 17th of November

In 1996 Gilberto Gil, just one year after the beginning of the commercial use of the internet in Brazil, wrote a song called “Pela Internet” (“Through the internet”) using the web as a platform to release it, a pioneer move in country that was still learning how to deal with the brand new technology.

Almost at the same time, in Davos, Switzerland, John Perry Barlow wrote his “Declaration of Independence of Cyberspace”, a strong statement of the will to maintain the cyberspace free, in a time when the governments from the north-west corner of the world, as he puts it, were starting to realize the libertarian space of the internet.

These two pioneer visions of the web met in 2003, during the event Tactic Media Brazil, to discuss the perspectives of digital inclusion and participative politics. Gil had just been invited to be the Minister of Culture and the debate that followed influenced the policies that were developed by the Brazilian government in the following years.

These paths of coincidence will cross again on the 15th of November during the opening debate of the II Brazilian Digital Culture Forum, when the past will be remembered, but the future will also be contemplated. After being a central character on the process of putting these two important figures together, Claudio Prado will also mediate, instigate and add his insights to the debate.

The event will be free for attendance and broadcasted on the web. Further details and programme will be published on this blog.