The many voices that compose the contemporary culture world. Asia, Africa, Latin America, Europe and USA. Intellectuals, artists, activists, researchers, managers in profound debates regarding pressing details. What’s the role of the author in the digital context? What’s good and what’s bad? Who defines? What about the economy of creation? What are the alternatives for business models? Is the Digital Culture just the Internet? Or is it a new media ecology? What came before? What’s next? What are the perspectives for this mutating world?

15th of November

14h: Digital Culture eight years after, ten years beyond

Speakers: John Perry Barlow (Electronic Frontier Foundation) and Gilberto Gil (Musician)

Provoker: Cláudio Prado (President of the Brazilian Laboratory for Digital Culture)

16h: Break

16h30: The futures of the book

Speaker: Bob Stein (Institute for the Future of the Book)

Provoker: Giselle Beiguelman (Sergio Motta Institute/PUC)

18h: Break

18h30: Creative Perspectives of the Digital Culture

Speaker: Vincent Moon (La Blogotheque)

Provoker: José Luis Herencia (Secretary for Cultural Policies/Ministry of Culture)

16th of November

14h: Digital Global Citizenship

Speakers:  Hernani Dimantas (Laboratório de Inclusão Digital), Eddie Ávila (Rising Voices/ Jaqi and Douglas Namale (Voices of Kibera)

Provoker: José Murilo Jr. (Coordinator of Digital Culture/ Ministry of Culture)

16h: Break

16h30: Creative Economics in the Digital Context

Speaker: Eduardo Nassar (CapDigital) and Maurício Motta (Os Alquimistas)

Provoker: Alfredo Manevy (Executive Secretary/Ministry of Culture)

19h: The Future of Cinema

Speaker: Jean Pierre Gorin

Presenter: Jane de Almeida (Mackenzie and UCSD)

20h30: Showing of “M/F Remix”, Gorin’s Film

17th of November

14h: Digital Culture beyond the Internet: Remix and Transmedia

Speakers: Eduardo Navas (Remix Theory) and Maurício Motta (Os Alquimistas)

Provoker: Newton Cannito (Secretary for the Audiovisual/Ministry of Cuture)

16h30: Experimental Laboratory and Digital Culture

Speakers: Marcos Garcia (MediaLab Prado) and Tapio Makela (

Provoker: Felipe Fonseca

18h30: Break

19h: Perspectives for Digital Culture (Closing of the event)

Reading of the final letter of the Brazilian Digital Culture

Carlos Magalhães (Brazilian Cinematheque)

Alfredo Manevy (Ministry of Culture)

21h: Closing drinks