One of the first things that the visitors of the Cinemateca de São Paulo will see when they get in during the II Brazilian Digital Culture is this crazy machine above. It is called Geralda and it is some sort of electro-acoustic orchestra with more than 70 different sound sources, all controlled by one man´s hands, elbows, knees, head and feet. This man is called Tato Taborda, and he created the machine with Alexandre Boratto. Taborda is a composer, pianist and former music teacher at Universities such as Estacio de Sá and UniRio. He will be at the Forum with his creation and his technician Alexandre Fenerich and also special guests during the three days of the event (15th, 16th and 17th of November). The first confirmed guest is the multi-instrumentalist Carlos Malta, who will participate on the first day with a pedal specially made for his participation with Geralda. The idea is also to have everyone that goes to the Cinemateca interacting with the machine as well. You can have an idea of what is going to be welcoming everyone at the Cinemateca on the II Brazilian Digital Culture Forum with the video below. More details about Geralda´s participation and about the whole programme of the Forum will be posted in thisblog soon.

The Man-Orchestra (O Homem-Banda)