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  • Backstage: Forum´s organization meeting

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    por: Afonso Cappellaro, em Sem categoria no dia 19/10/2010

    fotos reunião fórum

    Members of the Brazilian Digital Culture Forum 2010 at the House of Digital Culture in São Paulo

    It´s been some weeks now that our meetings to organize the Forum have been on the fast track.

    We have several teams taking care of areas such as conception/organization/curation, communication, compilation/structuring of new participants that have applied  through our website, production of content that will be presented during the Forum and the proper production of the space at the Cinemateca, where our activities will take place.

    Some of these meeting are being documented, as it was the case with the one that happened yesterday at the meeting room of the House of Digital Culture with representatives of all production teams. The pictures are by Gil Prado.

  • Call for public presentation of activities in Brazilian Digital Culture Forum

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    por: Gabriela Agustini, em Sem categoria no dia 18/10/2010

    The Second Edition of Brazilian Digital Cultura Forum, to be held between 14 and 17 November 2010 in the Cinematheque of São Paulo, aims to bring together, as happened in 2009, the initiatives of culture and communication in the country that are connected on the social network CulturaDigital.Br

    This year, the proposal is to give visibility to emerging processes in the network, the different communities of practice and interests that are organized throughout the year, raising questions and proposing formulations to support public policies for the digital age, developed with a pioneering by the Ministry of Culture of Brazil since 2003.

    The Forum will also, as in the past year, open space for artistic expressions of the emerging networked world, anticipating trends and presenting the cultural diversity of Brazil to the public participant.

    For both, the programming is open to proposals in which self-organized any individual, group, collective, national or international institution may submit a proposal to participate in the following areas:





    * Please note that although self-organized, the presentations will be assessed for the availability of equipment, trained staff to support and schedule availability.