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China’s mold industry need to break more than the ”bottleneck”

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In known as “plastic mold,” and the titanium alloy learned that, with increased levels of CNC machining equipment, companies are have increased efforts to develop the plastic mold, plastic mold species, mold has become the most attractive of the “cheese.”
In recent years, China plastic mold the development of very fast. Currently, the plastic mold in the mold industry, the proportion of about 30%. With China’s automotive, appliance, electronic communications, the rapid development of a variety of building materials is expected to die in the future market, accounting for mold plastic mold will gradually increase the proportion of the total, and the development will be faster than other molds. The automobile industry, for example, with the rapid growth of automobile production and sales, plastic mold is a huge potential market. According to reports, the production car, the various functional components have to rely on molding, just an ordinary car is about making more than 200 pieces of interior mold, and manufacture of bumpers, instrument panel, fuel tank, steering wheel and other required medium-sized plastic mold, mold industry from the production capability, to meet the current rate of about 50%. In the construction sector, a large number of alternatives to traditional materials, plastic materials is a general trend, in 2010 the national penetration rate of plastic doors and windows, and plastic tubes will reach 30% to 50%, plastic pipes will be more than 50% market share, will greatly increase the demand for mold the amount. It should be said, the potential applications of plastic mold can not be underestimated. Experts predict that large, sophisticated, well-designed injection mold will be widely welcomed.
Plastics processing industry with the national oil spill kits distribution similar to the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta plastics processing industry forefront, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Guangdong mold plastic mold production in the country in the proportion of GDP accounted for 70%. Now, these three provinces, many companies have realized the opportunities modeling industry, is actively mold the product development and manufacturing organization. Recently, the Hangzhou Wahaha Group, precision machinery manufacturing company developed multi-cavity injection mold cap theft by Zhejiang provincial appraisal.
The mold is forced out of the three top stripping technology, balanced hot runner systems, common mold cap mold has a strong innovation, performance and quality of the smoke house domestic leading level. According to the Ninghai Mould Association, since last year, the county actively encourage businesses to update equipment, process and product innovation efforts to promote and guide qualified enterprises to research and development from production, sales of high value-added mold development, plastic injection mold making another large-scale new expansion, has been able to produce complete sets of 8 kg cylinder washing machine, car bumpers, car the whole dashboard, car interior parts and other large sets of molds and 65 inch rear projection TV chassis mold. Mould Co., Ltd. Ningbo Yue-fei, a auto code scanner department staff told reporters that this year they received the mold products factory orders increased over the previous year.