Best Steak Restaurant – Moo Moo Restaurant Brisbane

Located in the heart of the city near Eagle Street Pier, the Botanical Gardens, and part of the Stamford Plaza Brisbane Hotel complex, Moo Moo The Wine Bar + Grill Brisbane opened on the 4th June 2010 in the historical Port Office Building and has quickly become one a favourite steak restaurant cooking the best steak in Brisbane and indeed, one of Australia’s best steak restaurants.

Steak restaurant is the place to win over a work associate or impress to boast a once in a lifetime dining experience and takes special care with every menu item like the expansive steak selection with a certain classic steak restaurant experience that many has tried to emulate few things to get it right. One of the few who do well the sophisticated on dark wood aroma match the ideal of fancy steak restaurant without seeming over the top along with the enviable has noticed the steak restaurant for a true taste. The steak restaurant always guarantees the promise of taste for its spectacular steaks and hospitality that paired with wine list on ordering a steak cut to whatever thickness is preferred. best steak in brisbane.

The expansive steak restaurant bespeaks elegance dinner tackle the almost impossible choice between steak cut and the steak is the most loved dish and plenty of steak restaurant serving the classic but the selection of the best restaurant enjoying a great plate of steaks.

Multi-award Steak Restaurant in Brisbane

Since opening the doors in 2010 Moo Moo The Wine Bar + Grill Brisbane has won many awards including Brisbane’s Best Steak Restaurant 2011 and 2012 and also voted by the viewers of Foxtel Food channel, Queensland’s Best Steak Restaurant 2011 and 2012.