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INSPIRA MTK is a technology-based knowledge management startup that develops licensable processes and products that are comprehensive, scalable, replicable and meet some kind of social demand that is profitable. Assets are developed to generate high-margin revenue source, seeking a return on research, development and investment in technology.


Based on R & D, the platform develops active ingredients and polysaccharides from the Maguey do Cerrado sap obtained through biotechnology. Using intercropped microbiota, it aggregates technologies and enzymatic solutions in the renewable production of biofuels, biopolymers and industrial bioinsums.

What it offers: A broad portfolio of biotechnology assets for licensing.*

Areas of occupation: Food, human health, reagents, agroecology, environment, bioenergy.

Potential B2B customers: Biotechnology companies; food industries; pharmaceutical industries; agroindustry.
The platform is aligned with long-term trends in health, wellness and ethical consumption including improving quality of life through the development of products and technologies that extend the limits of health care.

* To access the abstracts of the patent drafts send an e-mail request. The expanded versions of the patent drafts may be made available for reading at InovAtiva’s boot camp, after formalization of a confidentiality agreement between the parties.

The Maguey do Cerrado Products Platform is a business model proposal created from a scientific discovery: a cultivar source of food and biomass that in interaction with the environment requires less volume of water for its development, due to its Crassulacean acid metabolism (CAM).

The typical characteristic of the use of this metabolism is the production of reserve carbohydrates (fructans) that allow the development of the plant through osmoregulation, cryoprotection and drought tolerance.
The main differential of the platform is the use of the Maguey do Cerrado sap as a source of carbon and nutrients for the intercropped development of microorganisms that make up its microbiota using polyphasic bioactive processing methods.

The Maguey do Cerrado sap represents an alternative biotechnological innovation with a transformative impact in the field of science, due to the content of different metabolites and its fructose-rich fructophilic nature (sucrose, fructose and glucose), becoming an important substrate for intercropped development of yeasts and bacteria present in their microbiota: Group A: Sacharomyces sp, Zymomonas sp and Leuconostoc sp; Group B: Kluyveromyces marxianus and Saccharomyces cerevisiae; And Group C: homofermentative yeasts.

It should be noted that the main objective of the Maguey do Cerrado cultivation is the production of the SAP, which serves as a substrate for the polyphasic development of MICROORGANISMS, which in turn provides the production of BIOPOLYMERS (polysaccharides, oligosaccharides, probiotics and prebiotics) and of METABOLIC COMPOUNDS such as bioethanol, enzymes (frutanases, Invertases, dextranases, lactases and also those produced from the metabolic pathway GFOR), phenolic groups (flavonoids and homoisoflavonoids), antioxidant acids, antibacterial agents, antifungal compounds and immunomodulators.

For more information: 

The effects of climate change, urbanization and water restriction on the planet make it difficult to obtain the water needed to meet the growing demands of agriculture. In Brazil, the need to preserve genetic and energetic resources for biotechnology is especially important, since most of the crops that make up the country’s production base are of exotic origin.


The scientific research agenda highlights biotechnological innovations and, in this perspective, the understanding of the role of the Maguey do Cerrado microbiota provides subsidies for the development of biotechnological applications, fulfilling the requirements of industrial use since its microorganisms:

Such metabolic compounds have a transformative impact on the nutraceutical industry, generating the production of unconventional sugars such as fructooligosaccharides and fructose, nutritional and functional ingredients with multiple applications in the formulation of foods and also dietary fibers, enzymes, bioethanol, organic acids and their salts.


ADVANTAGES (Competitive and differentiating elements):

  1. Holders of the propagation technology of the Maguey do Cerrado cultivar;

  2. Holders of the technology of production of biotechnological inputs from the Maguey do Cerrado sap;

  3. Own intellectual assets at the forefront of knowledge about the cultivar;

  4. The cultivar is part of the patrimony of the company: in February 2017, the cultivar received the definitive registry from the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA) providing a commercial barrier that favors the development of the resulting processes and products;

  5. Based on the premise that the diversity and evolution of microorganisms depends on factors such as geographic location, climatic conditions, as well as plant variety and maturity, functional and structural genomic studies of the Maguey do Cerrado microbiota will allow the identification of new subspecies and the consequent enlargement of national genetic heritage;

  6. Innovative products with differentiated distinguishing signs:

    NOVELTY: The novelty is revealed through enzymatic metabolic induction technology with the use of:

The raw material (Maguey do Cerrado sap), technology (integrated and polyphasic application of biocatalysis) and final products (metabolic compounds developed by an intercropping of microorganisms present in the cultivar’s microbiota) are new, coming from an ethical, healthy development system with ecological and technological methods of production. The technological innovation is characterized by the rescue of a traditional experience amplified by research and development, generating new products with alternatives of sustainable productive models that can be reproduced industrially.

INVENTIVE ACTIVITY: Covering the knowledge areas of biotechnology, process engineering and industrial development, efficient protocols have been developed for: preservation of the Maguey do Cerrado sap in its various fermented phases; conservation of its microbiota (polyphasic and intercropped); and conservation of the resulting bioactive metabolic compounds (biopolymers, enzymes, polyalcohols and volatile compounds).

PRIORITY: The Maguey do Cerrado Products Platform meets the requirements of green technology from the production of alternative energies and air quality management through an agriculture adapted to climate change, based on low carbon emission and production of high added value such as biofuels, which makes it a kind of potential economic value.

Portfolio of active ingredients obtained by biotechnology for licensing:

Basic research => Business strategy => Definition of processes/products => Selection of technologies => pilot project => production => life cycle => writing of 12 patent drafts for processes, products and uses.




In 2016 we had important achievements:

ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT: The adaptive success of CAM plants in challenging (semi-arid) environments represents an important alternative to produce biocomposites, food and pharmaceuticals. In this sense, the verification of water use efficiency by the Maguey do Cerrado is an important physiological adaptation, allowing plants to occupy habitats characterized by intermittent water availability, becoming a kind of potential economic value.

SOCIO-ECONOMIC IMPACT: The project develops pioneering processes and products in Brazil, profitable, nutritious, from a healthier development system, with ecological methods of production that respect people and the environment from the beginning of the process. To promote effective change in people and environments impacted by the project, we seek to develop technologies that improve territorial sustainability and for that we use strategies that can guarantee a safer and more stable future for all.


Ativo 40

Urban Cultivation;
Agroecological Cultivation;

Ativo 41

Studies and tests;
Intellectual production;
Cultivation of microorganisms;
Production of biomass and biopolymers;

Ativo 42

Elaboration of nutritive and functional caloric sweetener;
Manufacture of distilled beverages;

Manufacture of food fibers;

Ecological packaging;
Fiber Xaxins;

Tics and IoT:
Information platform;
Proof of concept app;
Traceable packaging;
Smart packaging;

Pharmacological Products:
Elaboration of Surgical Suture;
Manufacture of artificial leather;
Development of metabolic compounds;

Ativo 43

Printed media publications;
Digital publications;

Ativo 44

Scientific divulgation;

It also stands out for rescuing a traditional experience – amplified by research and development, generating a new product and an alternate productive model with sustainable foundations in balance with nature.

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