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    The mobile jammers in United States

    The only places where Cell phone jammers( have to be installed are religious places like some temples or churches and of course big businesses where time is considered money and employees are not allowed to use their phones while they are supposed to work. The mobile jammer can also be installed in some major theaters and cinemas or concert halls.
    The news of the GSM jammer

    Notorious phenomenon dating from the beginning of the 21st century, the advent of mobile telephony has been the scene of many abuses. These abuses, which are blithely enjoyed by mobile operators and mobile phone manufacturers, can finally be curbed by the use of equipment to scramble gsm waves in Europe.

    Making a mobile phone inoperative has always aroused a particular enthusiasm among the United States, especially with the community that is very interested in new technologies. The case of mobile phone jammers is no exception to the rule and it is logically that this range of jamming product has attracted an increasingly wide audience and is now an unavoidable product to be quiet in some places.
    Still banned in United States a few years ago, except in prisons and some theaters, these GSM jammers seem however to be more and more followers in United States. As proof: the number of individuals wishing to equip a mobile phone jammer.
    Thus a recent survey reveals that, tired professors (note: portable pumps by students) during examinations to medical organizations through various private companies, the list of customers interested in equipment jammer gsm is very long. Despite a significant fine in case of non-compliance with the restriction on the use of mobile jammers, people scramble to get their jamming equipment …
    A mobile phone jammer must not cause any interference outside the space covered by it. Likewise, it must also comply with the regulations applicable to emergency calls in the territory to which it applies. The GSM mobile jammer should only be used in clearly identified and identifiable frequency bands, without interfering with other wireless communication systems …